Unlock Motorola Phone Without SIM Card

Unlock Motorola Phone Without SIM Card

Unlocking your Motorola phone without a SIM card can be a lifesaver in various situations. Whether you’ve purchased a second-hand device, switched carriers, or simply lost your SIM card, knowing how to unlock your phone without needing a SIM card can save you time and hassle. This guide will walk you through the straightforward steps needed to unlock Motorola phone without SIM card, ensuring you stay connected without any interruptions.

Unlock Motorola Phone Using Unlockbase

Unlock Base is a website that provides services to unlock phone locks at reasonable prices. You can also use it through the following steps.

  • Visit the Unlockbase website.
  • Select your phone brand.
  • Enter your IMEI number.
  • Enter your Email address.
  • Select the country.
  • Choose your network career for which your phone is locked.
  • Complete the payment and wait for the confirmation mail.

Why I Cannot Unlock Motorola Phone Without SIM Card?

Sometimes smartphones get locked with the SIM carrier they bought from. So if you have bought an old or used Motorola phone then there is the possibility that you cannot use it without a SIM card. In this condition, you have to unlock it in order to use it for yourself.

First, you have to identify the SIM card carrier by which your phone has been locked in the past. Now just call the customer care number or use the Motorola network unlock code to use your phone easily.

What Is The SIM Network Unlock PIN For Motorola?

SIM network unlock pick code is a 4-16 digit number by which you can easily unlock Motorola SIM network lock. Most of the companies locked their phones with their SIM carrier. For example, you bought your phone from Verizon and now you want to use an AT&T SIM card in it. In order to use an AT&T SIM card, you have to unlock your Motorola SIM network lock first.

Things To Do Before You Unlock Motorola Phone Without SIM Card?

You should consider some main things before unlocking your Motorola phone without a SIM card.

  • Ensure Your Device Is Not Black Listed

You should check that is your Motorola phone is blacklisted or not. You can use any IMEI checker in this process to know whether your device is blacklisted or not. SIM carriers blacklist the device that gets stolen or lost by someone in their records.

If the company has blacklisted your phone already then you will not be able to unlock it without a SIM card. 

  • Ensure Your Phones Carrier

According to the report, there are 20% of Motorola phones are locked without cards because they don’t know the carrier of their devices.

To check whether your Motorola phone is locked or not you can use UnlockBase’s IMEI checker service. It will instantly let you know if your Motorola phone is locked without a SIM card or not.

How Do I Get My Motorola Unlock Code?

There are a couple of routes you can take to acquire your Motorola unlock code. The most reliable method involves contacting your current carrier. Most carriers offer unlocking services for a fee but often waive it after fulfilling certain requirements.

Another option is to utilize a third-party unlocking service. These services typically require a fee upfront and may take a bit longer to deliver the code. Be cautious when choosing a third-party service; reputable ones will ask for your IMEI number and phone model to ensure compatibility. Do your research to find a trusted provider with positive customer reviews.

How To Know My Motorola SIM Card Carrier?

You can check your SIM card carrier in different ways and you can read about it too on our website.

Is It Possible To Unlock Motorola Phone Without SIM Card?

Yes, if you know the network carrier of your handset then you can unlock your Motorola phone without a SIM card.

What Is Motorola SIM Network Unlock PIN Code?

The SIM unlocks PIN code for Motorola is a 4-16 digit number by which you can easily unlock your phone network lock.

Can I Unlock Motorola Phone Without SIM Card With SIM Card Carrier Help?

Yes, you can easily unlock your Motorola handset without a SIM card if you are able to contact the original carrier.


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