Verizon ussd codes complete list

Verizon USSD Codes Android 2024 Secret Code

Verizon customers can manage their accounts and enable and disable calling services by using USSD (Universal Service Signaling Data) codes.

The latest USSD codes for Verizon can help you check your balance, voicemails, and other details. So let’s get started and explore all the quick codes for Verizon.

Latest Verizon USSD Codes List 2024

Below you will find all the updated Verizon codes to easily access your Verizon account details.

Verizon Balance Check Code#BAL (#225)
Check Your Data Usage#DATA (#3282)
Check Your Minutes#MIN (#646)
Make A Payment#PMT (#768)
Stop Forwarding Calls*73
Unblock Caller ID For A Single Call*82 + 10-digit phone number
Check Your Voicemail*86
Forward Unanswered Calls*71 + 10-digit phone number
Call Forwarding Busy Line*72
Call Forwarding Busy Don’t Answer*90
Call Forwarding Busy Line/Don’t Answer (Variable)*92
Cancel Call Waiting*70
Do Not Disturb*64
Hang Up, Per Line Blocking (Complete)*67
Speed Dialing 8*82
Speed Dialing 30*74
Three-Way Calling*75
Customer Care Service Number*611
Upgrade Details Short Code#UPG (#874)
Request Roadside Assistance#ROAD (#7623)
Place A Test Call#832
Block Caller ID For A Single Call*67 + 10-digit phone number
Forward All Calls*72 + 10-digit mobile number

This table includes all the essential Verizon USSD codes and short codes, making it easy to manage your account and activate or deactivate various calling features.

If any of these codes don’t work for you, you can also learn how to fix an invalid MMI code.

How Do I Access the Verizon Secret Menu?

Our team has provided all the Verizon USSD Codes above. These codes can easily let you know all the information about your Verizon number without any problem. If you want to know any details about your Verizon number, just refer to the full USSD Code list.

If you are facing slow internet problems and are unable to perform Verizon short codes, apply the Verizon APN settings on your device to solve the issue easily.

What Are Verizon Codes?

Verizon Codes are extra-UI protocols that allow users to access hidden features of their Verizon number. By using these codes, you can check details such as balance, data usage, call forwarding, and more.

Does *66 Work on Verizon Cell Phones?

Yes, calling *66 activates or deactivates the busy redial service on your Verizon number. You can find all the Verizon USSD Codes above, so if you need any of them, scroll up. Using these short codes is the best way to access services or information related to your Verizon number.

What Are Verizon USSD Codes?

Verizon codes are quick codes that allow you to activate hidden features of your phone or access detailed information about your Verizon number.

What Does the 228 USSD Code Do for Verizon?

The 228 Verizon short code is used to activate 3G phones or update preferred roaming lists on your Verizon SIM.

What does 920 do on Verizon?

The **920 Verizon ussd code perform the Call Forwarding No Answer deactivation function.

What does 77 do on Verizon?

77 activates Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR), which blocks calls from numbers with Caller ID blocked.

What is 57 on Verizon?

57 activates Call Trace, which traces the last incoming call received. This information is sent to the Verizon security department for investigation.


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