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Vi APN Settings For Android & iOS Phone

Struggling with slow Vi internet speeds? Adjusting your APN settings can make a big difference. This guide provides the best Vi APN settings for 2024, tailored for Android, iPhone, and Windows devices, to help you enjoy faster internet.

Also, we will provide the various methods that can be implemented to get your unique Vi internet settings for faster internet. So, go through this complete blog to know about this in detail.

What Are the Vi APN Settings for Fast Internet in 2024?

The best APN settings for Vi are APN: www and MNC: default. Using this access point for Vi will help you to make your internet connection faster. Apply this Vi net setting to your device to improve your internet speed.

How Can I Increase My Internet Speed on Vi 4G in 2024?

If you reside in remote areas, you may experience speed fluctuations or slow speeds. To increase your Vi internet speed in such situations, it is suggested to apply Vi internet settings.

How Do I Get Vi Internet Settings?

There are numerous Vi internet settings available on the internet, but not all of them may work for you. Some may even pose major privacy threats. Therefore, it is recommended to use trusted Vi APN settings. Here, we have discussed secure Vi internet settings for Android, iPhone, and Windows devices. All of these are completely safe and have been tested by us. If you are using the services of BSNL, you can also check the BSNL GPRS settings USSD code.

Which Vi APN Settings Are Best for Vi 4G?

To increase internet speed on a mobile phone, specific Vi internet settings codes are used for both Android and iOS devices. Let’s check these Vi APN settings for fast internet one by one:

Vi APN Settings for Android 2024

First, we will discuss the Vi 4G APN settings for Android devices. Applying this setting will help improve the internet speed of your Android device. Follow these steps for Vi APN settings for fast internet on Android:

  1. Open your phone’s settings app and click on Mobile Network.
  2. Select the desired Vi SIM card and choose the APN option.
  3. Click on the ‘+’ or ‘Add More’ option and apply the following settings:
Vi APN Settings for Fast InternetVi 4G Setting
NameVi Internet 4G or Vi LTE
APN TypeDefault
APN ProtocolIPv4 or IPv6
  1. After applying the settings, save them and restart your phone to enjoy a faster internet connection.

These are the Vi 4G APN settings for Android devices for a faster connection. In the following sections, we will also discuss the new Vi APN settings for iOS and Windows smartphones.

Vi APN Settings for iPhone for Faster Connection

Separate APN settings exist for iPhone 6 and other iOS users. These settings are:

  1. Switch off your mobile network and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open your web browser and search for
  3. Click on “Create APN” and select the Vi operator from the drop-down list.
  4. This will take you to the configuration page. Fill in the details as specified for Android settings and save them.
  5. Install these Vi internet settings 4G for fast internet on your device and enjoy a faster connection.

These are the Vi APN settings for iPhone that can be used to boost your internet speed. These steps are similar to those mentioned in the Straight Talk APN settings article.

Vi 4G APN Settings for Windows Smartphones

Many users in India use Windows smartphones. If you are one of them, you can use the following best Vi APN settings for faster internet:

  1. Open your Windows Settings app and select SIM Card Management/Network Connection.
  2. Select the Vi SIM card to open its settings.
  3. Click on ‘Mobile Network’ and select the APN option.
  4. Fill in the following details to configure new Vi internet settings:
Vi APN Settings for WindowsValue
NameVi Internet 4G
APNVi Net Speed
Type of Sign-In InfoPAP
IP TypeIPv4/IPv6
  1. After filling in all these details, save the settings and restart your Windows phone.

These are the simple steps to boost your internet connection speed on Windows devices for Vi operators.

These Vi APN settings are similar to the Airtel APN settings and will help improve your internet speed.

How Do I Get Vi Internet Settings?

If the provided Vi network settings do not work for you, you can get unique settings for Vi through various methods:

Get Vi APN Through Vi Internet Settings Code

The Vi internet settings USSD code is 199. To get APN settings for Vi, SMS “ALL” to 199, and you will receive an SMS with Vi access point settings for fast internet.

Get Vi APN Settings Online

You can get Vi internet settings online through the Vi App. Log in to the app using your phone number, visit your profile, and tap on the help option. Start a chat and ask for the best Vi 4G APN settings. You can also ask for Vi 5G APN settings if you have a 5G device.

Get Vi Internet Settings by SMS

You can get Vi APN settings by SMS. Type a message with your <Phone Number> <Space> <All> and send it to 199. You will receive Vi net settings via SMS within a minute.

If you are using a SIM other than Vi, you can also check out BSNL APN settings or Jio APN settings to fix your internet speed.

Are There Any Vi APN Settings for 3G?

No, there are no separate Vi APN settings for 3G users. It is suggested to use the settings mentioned above.

Are Vi APN Settings for Idea and Vodafone the Same?

As Vodafone and Idea have merged into Vi, the Vi APN settings for Idea and Vodafone are the same.

How Can I Speed Up My Vi 4G?

To speed up your 4G connection, use the new Vi APN settings mentioned above.


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