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Maxis PUK Code – Unlock SIM Card Easily

Unlocking a Maxis SIM card can be a crucial task, especially if you’ve accidentally entered the wrong PIN multiple times. Understanding the Maxis Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) code is essential for anyone using a Maxis SIM.

This guide covers everything you need to know about the Maxis PUK code, from what it is and why it’s needed, to how to obtain and use it effectively.

Whether you’re a first-time user or have already used PUK code before, this comprehensive guide will help you easy unlock your SIM with the least effort.

What Is Maxis PUK Code?

The Maxis Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) code is an 8-digit code. If this is your first time using a Maxis SIM card, you must use the default Maxis PUK code. By dialing *100# from a Maxis number, it is easy to change the PUK settings.

What Happens If the Maxis PUK Code Is Entered Incorrectly?

Entering the wrong Maxis PIN code more than three times will lock the SIM card for security reasons. The Maxis PUK is then required to unblock the SIM card.

If a SIM card blocked by entering the wrong Maxis PUK code cannot be unblocked, it can no longer be used and must be replaced. In this case, contact Maxis customer care service.

How Can the Maxis PUK Code Be Obtained?

Dial *100# to find the Maxis PUK code. This code simplifies unlocking the Maxis SIM card. Customer service may need to be contacted to obtain the PUK code.

How Can the Maxis Default SIM PIN Be Changed?

Follow these steps to establish the Maxis default SIM PIN:

  1. Launch the dialer on the phone
  2. Hit the call button and dial *100#
  3. Select the Maxis PUK number
  4. Establish and note the PUK Maxis Code

Why Is the Maxis PUK Code Needed?

When inserting a SIM card into a new phone, an unique PIN must be entered to verify identity. However, customers frequently forget their PIN, making it difficult to unblock the SIM card.

The Maxis PUK code consists of an eight-digit number that Maxis customers must enter to unlock their SIM cards. If the PIN is forgotten and the SIM needs to be used on another phone, enter this code.

Where Can the Maxis PUK Code Be Found?

The Maxis PUK number can be found in the SIM card’s box or on the plastic card that contains the SIM. If the code is not available there then you can obtain your unique PUK code for your Maxis SIM card by contacting the customer support of Maxis.

Are the Maxis Default PIN and PUK Code the Same?

Yes, the Maxis default SIM PIN and the SIM PUK code are similar. When users forget their SIM lock code, they generally need to use the PUK code.

The Maxis default PIN code can also be used to reset the PUK code if the SIM PUK code is forgotten.

What To Do If the Maxis PUK Code Is Not Available?

If the SIM is locked for security reasons, the PUK code must be entered to unlock it. This process is necessary to unlock the SIM card.

Can Maxis SIM Be Unlocked Without PUK Code?

No, it is not possible to unblock SIM card of Maxis without using the PUK code. It is mandatory to have the PUK code once the SIM card gets blocked. To unblock Maxis SIM, it is suggested to generate PUK code first and then try unlock SIM.

What Number Do I Dial To Get Maxis PUK Code?

To get Maxis PUK code, you can simply dial the number *100#. This will connect you to the support team of Maxis. There, you can ask them regarding the PUK code of your PUK SIM card.


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