Sim Not Provisioned

What Does Sim Not Provisioned Mean? (Android & IOS)

“SIM not provisioned” means that your SIM card has been deactivated by your network service provider.

If you are regularly getting a “SIM not provisioned” error on your mobile phone, then it means your phone is unable to recognize the SIM card.

Consequently, you will not be able to receive calls, texts, or use any other service from your telecom company. If this is your situation, let’s learn the process to fix “SIM not provisioned” and “SIM not provisioned mm#2” errors.

Why Does My SIM Card Say Not Provisioned?

Your SIM card is saying “not provisioned” because there is a problem preventing it from connecting to the carrier network. If the SIM card is new or has not been activated by the company, you might get a “SIM not provisioned” or “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error on your phone.

SIM Not Provisioned Meaning

This means your carrier has blocked your SIM card, your SIM card has not been activated yet, or your SIM is not authorized to use the carrier network. Due to this error, you cannot make calls, send texts, or use any service of your carrier.

How To Fix?

There can be several reasons why you are getting the “SIM not provisioned” error on your Android or iOS phone. Here are some solutions:

Fix SIM Not Provisioned Meaning
  • Ensure SIM Is Inserted Properly
  • Activate Airplane Mode
  • Restart The Phone
  • Clean SIM Card & SIM Port
  • Use Another Port or Mobile
  • Update Carrier Settings
  • Check If SIM Card Is Activated
  • Contact Your Service Provider

Ensure SIM Is Inserted Properly

New models of mobile phones can be slim and tricky to insert SIM cards into. This is one of the reasons why your SIM can flex and bend during insertion, leading to the “SIM not provisioned” error. Try reinserting your SIM correctly, and you might be able to fix the problem.

Activate Airplane Mode

Turn on Airplane mode and wait for a few seconds before turning it back off. This will refresh your carrier network on your mobile and may fix the “SIM not provisioned” error. To activate Airplane mode, swipe down on your device for the notification drawer and tap on the Airplane icon.

Restart The Phone

Restarting your phone can often resolve the issue. To restart your phone, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. When the menu pops up, select the restart or power off option.

Clean SIM Card & SIM Port

Sometimes the SIM port gets dirty and fails to detect the SIM card, causing the “SIM not provisioned” error. Clean the SIM card slot and reinsert your SIM card to solve the problem.

Use Another Port or Mobile

In dual SIM smartphones, the error can be specific to one port, such as “SIM 1 not provisioned” or “SIM 2 not provisioned.” Try inserting the SIM into another port. If the error persists in both ports, check if the SIM works in another smartphone to determine if the issue is with the port or the SIM card.

Update Carrier Settings

After inserting a SIM card into a new device, you might need to update its carrier settings. If the update doesn’t happen automatically, do it manually:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular Network Settings > Carrier Settings > Select Update Device Config > Save.

To update carrier settings on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Dial ##873283# on your dialer app.
  3. Make a call.
  4. When a “Starting Service Update” pop-up appears, press the OK button twice.

Check If SIM Card Is Activated

Ensure the new SIM you have purchased has been activated by the company. If it hasn’t, wait until activation to solve the “SIM not provisioned” error.

Contact Your Service Provider

If the error persists, contact your service provider. They can directly troubleshoot the problem from their end. Connect with a customer care executive and explain the issue.

What if none of these solutions work?

If the above methods does not help to fix the problem, then it’s best to contact your mobile carrier’s customer support for further assistance.

They might help you to replace your SIM card or troubleshoot more complex network issues.

Common Questions

What Does SIM Not Provisioned For Voice Mean?

It means you are unable to make voice calls from your SIM card. This is a common problem when your services are disconnected from the carrier network.

What Does SIM Not Provisioned Mean On Android?

If your Android phone shows “SIM not provisioned,” it means the connection to the carrier network cannot be established. It is also possible that your carrier network is unable to identify your cell phone account.

Is there a difference between “SIM Not Provisioned” and “SIM Not Valid”?

Yes, there is a subtle difference. “SIM Not Provisioned” usually indicates an activation or configuration issue, while “SIM Not Valid” suggests the SIM card itself is unrecognized or damaged.


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